Monday, 10 April 2017

Hard Days Graft Pt 2

I feel a jolt as the train pulls off from the station. I have this odd feeling that something isn't right. I look down and am horrified at what i am wearing. "What the hell?", i quietly mumble to myself. The panic and confusion is clear from my face as i look up and see a train pulling away in the opposite direction from where i am going. I see myself with a smile looking back at me wearing my usual business attire. Not what i am in just now. I look down at myself. I am dressed in an old grey Adidas tracksuit that looks dirty with a hole at the knee. My once smart shoes now replaced with trashed Timberland boots that certainly look like they have had their day. On my head a baseball cap, not something i would ever been seen wearing. I'm feeling strong tho, much stronger than i normally feel. I look at my hands, they could really do with some TLC.

Suddenly there's a vibration in my pocket, i take out a phone and look. On the screen it says unknown number.. i decide to answer, to see what is going on. "Hello" i say. My voice it sounds strange. Certainly not as educated a sound i am used to. on the other end i hear what i seem to expect. It's me! Well i think it is me. "I apologise for this! I just wanted to see if i could actually see what your life was like. I didn't have a clue we would actually swap bodies!"

"How? Why? Change me back!" i reply to the voice on the phone.

"I am sorry, but i don't think we can. The stone i got just vanished and it's the only one i got from the Romanian gypsy i bumped into ages ago. I wouldn't have a clue where to find her now. Besides, this could be something exciting for both of us. You seem to do well and i think from what i can tell maybe a change in career could be good for both of us. I have lived with very little for so long, work hard for very little return. It's time i got something more. I'm sorry but this is your new life now. Just accept it!"

The phone then goes dead. I take a new look at myself. Accept it?, i think to myself. How? My new life isn't something I'm cut out to live with.

Hard Days Graft Pt 1

It's been a long day. For what i do i just don't get paid enough. I work in the trade sector on renovating houses. Been building and plastering walls all day long. Still.. it could be worse being stuck in an office all day long in this hot weather. I look across into the train going the other way as we pull into the station and see this guy that is maybe in his later 30's, so just a couple years older than myself. He is sitting listening to his Ipod totally oblivious to what is going on around him. He too looks like he has had some day. He is dressed really well. A nice sharp silver suit, crisp white shirt and well polished black shoes. His tie slackened off, the tell-tale sign of his day. Probably never actually done a hard days graft in his life. I wonder what his life is actually like?

From my pocket i remove a small black stone. It is said to give the power of having an insight into other lives close up if its broken. I squeeze it really tight.. It practically shatters in my hand! I feel slightly light-headed and momentarily lose my sense of consciousness. Next thing i know i'm looking at myself thru a window, slowly moving the other way. I look down to see myself now the well dressed guy i just have eyed up. Wow, my reflection looks really good!